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Scandinavian tales and creatures

Skogsrån (watchers of the forest) are mysterious women who guard the forest and all its creatures. Seen from the front they are unearthly beautiful, but their backs are hollow like old and rotten trees, and they often have the tail of an animal. To protect the forest, they seduce and sleep with woodcutters and then steal their souls, leaving them empty husks of their former selves.


Horus vs. jesus

I’ve addressed posts of this sort before, but this one is both new and spectacularly incorrect.
"Only begotten son" is a phrase that is only significant in Abrahamic theology. Technically, yes, Horus was an only child, though there are rumors that Anubis is his half-brother by Isis’ affair with Set.
Horus was not born of a virgin birth. Osiris may have been revived from death and bearing a golden phallus at the time, but sex was definitely involved.
Horus’ mother was Isis, pronounced Aset in the original language. Meri is not an Egyptian name.
Horus did not have twelve disciples. There are references to twelve followers, possibly symbolizing the hours of the day.
Horus never died. Crucifixion was not an Egyptian concept. As such, Horus never rose from the dead.
Star in the east is possibly a reference to the morning star Venus, associated with his mother Isis.
There are no three wise men associated with Horus. There is no specific triad of “wise men” anywhere in Egyptian myth, barring possibly certain classifications of the Ogdoad and interpretations of “wise”.
This point relies on a pun significant only in English.Technically, yes, Horus was son of a god.
Horus never walked on water.
Horus never raised the dead, except possibly in allusion to some obscure reference in the Book of the Dead or other magical texts. Even so, such a spell would more likely call upon his father Osiris, lord of the afterlife, or Ra, giver of life and light.
I don’t know what “Names of God” is supposed to mean. According to the magical theory of hekau, Horus would have had a secret name, and anyone learning it would have magical power over him. This is the same magical principle applied to the ban on trying to learn the secret name of Yahweh and magically controlling him. This concept is seen worldwide and is far from contained to Egypt or the Middle East.
While there are several parallels between Horus and Jesus (there are claims that Jesus is descended from some kind of solar deity, and some obscure metaphors relating to birds and the Holy Spirit), none of those appear in this post.


Papa Bois (otherwise known as “Maître Bois,” meaning master of the woods or “Daddy Bouchon” meaning hairy man), a French patois word for “father wood” or “father of the forest” is a popular fictional folklore character of St.Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. Often called…



This is a short and sweet story about a traveling magician who carried a tiny person in a wine bottle. The original story was only 91 characters, less than a tweet! These words conveyed lots of details with a dramatic turn at the end - a very exciting piece to read.