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If you want a deal, go to dA and take advantage of some kids who are just now getting their artist’s legs and learning to make their skill into a profitable business but hey fuck that noise, let’s make sure we can get art on the cheap and WHO GIVES A FUCK about y’know, educating these kids so they don’t let themselves get ripped off!!!! 


You sure are a stunning, shining fucking beacon of NO. 

This is deplorable. Points are not a good form of currency as they are not liquid assets, can only be used on one website for one purpose, do not teach the value of dollars to hours work parallels to artists OR buyers, and generally create a really unsatisfactory system for people to squeeze art out of those who are ignorant to how detrimental the point system is.

As Kylee said, get pooped on.

Tsk tsk

I just can’t. Getting steady, paid work as an artist is EXTREMELY rare and takes years of experience(hours and hours of daily practise) to achieve.

Okay, I’m stepping in here because this is some intensely toxic stuff @weerus-walrus is saying directly to some working artists. So, you’re in favor of artists working for DA’s scrip, and you’re also defending the position that it’s okay to pay people for their work as little as you can get away with paying. Because hey, getting paid work is hard, so it’s okay that artists are hence undercutting one another in a death spiral just to get any payment at all. They’d be drawing anyway, right?

So it takes you a few days to finish and intricate piece. You demand to be paid Hundreds of US dollars for it. 

Yes. It can take days to finish an intricate piece. It can take weeks. So you demand to be paid hundreds of dollars for it, because—hm, let’s see. A thirty hour workweek at american minimum wage (7.25/hr) yields about 200$. A living wage is 11$— maybe 15$. Why the fuck wouldn’t you ask for what your work is worth—or even a bit more, even enough to survive on?

But alas, you are not that well known. Your fanbase is loyal but they cannot attract the funds and clout a well known gallery does. So you try to sell your art through a gallery. No offers there either.

How depressing it must be to claw your away to the top through relentless self-promotion and desperate pleas only to end up exasperated.

Okay this looks like a tangent into some kind of revenge fantasy….? Anyway, I think we have different ideas about how art is manufactured and priced. Drawings are products made by people whose labor you hire. Those people can and should value their time and skill, and price the hire of it accordingly. 

I feel only disdain for the painfully obvious upstarts being puffed up by faint praise. No, your art isn’t worth oodles of someone’s hard earned cash because you made it. I don’t care how 《tumblr famous》you are.

Setting aside your hostility here, I think you’re looking at the end product artists produce, and saying, ‘that product doesn’t look good enough to be worth so much’, and I’m looking at the time spent producing that art, and saying ‘regardless of who or how many people you’ve got in your audience, you need to sell your time and skill to them at a rate you can survive on.’ 

Picking your hostility back up: who the heck actually seriously calls people ‘upstarts’? Anime villains is fucking who. Come on, dude. 

There are way too many talented, Original artists who aren’t as aggressive not achieving a fraction of the success someone one step above a tracer is getting b/c they stick to popular subject matter.

Okay you are clearly ranking people by worth on some kind of fucked up personal scale, and then determining which of them deserves to be paid a living wage for their work. And your personal scale seems to be ‘do I like them or their work’. This is a super fucked up premise. Whether an artist is selling fanart of naruto screwing dave strider or beautiful unique landscapes, they deserve a living wage for their time and skill.

If someone says ‘draw naruto screwing dave strider’ and the artist says ‘it’ll take me five hours, so i’d like 50$ for it’ and the someone says ‘landscape painters don’t charge that much!’ then the artist gets to say ‘give me 50$ or fuck off.’

the artist can also say ‘i am desperately poor and in direct competition with kids that will work for nothing because they live with their parents. i’ll do it for 25$. i no longer remember what food tastes like.’ and that someone says ‘okay great, you’re hired.’ 

That someone is not exactly a virtuous paragon of wisdom who has taught the artist the error of their arrogant ways. That someone is taking advantage of a deeply awful and fucked up economic situation to get custom work from a professional for vastly less than they deserve or can survive on. Hooray! 

badically, tumblr = reposting your obnoxious versions of memes, > creative renditions that aren’t defined by the artists’ ability to absorb all aspects of pop culture
This whole past reeks of entitlement.

You know what I just realized you said, back earlier in the post? It was so fucked up I skimmed right over it. You said, “No, your art isn’t worth oodles of someone’s hard earned cash because you made it.” But the thing is. Your art is worth someone’s hard earned cash. Because you made the art. You earned that money by making the art. When you work, you get paid. When you want someone to work for you, YOU FUCKING PAY THEM. 



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Bat-Eared Fox (Otocyon Megalotis)


Bat-Eared Fox (Otocyon Megalotis)

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come find me @ Kawaiicon in Sundsvall this weekend, nerds (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ


come find me @ Kawaiicon in Sundsvall this weekend, nerds (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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Or as I like to call her- The Candle Witch Pokemon. c:

Inspired by a Pokemon fusion sprite between Gardevoir, Chandelure, and Mismagius made by pokemonscrap

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People who notice everything but remain silent are to be feared.

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Eevee and eevelutions on sweet things! We were only supposed to do two illustrations. Oops I made nine gifs haha!

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"Nepeta is only so sweet and innocent!"


"Equius is the one who takes care of Nepeta and keeps her in check!"


"Nepeta isn’t that physically strong!"



"Nepeta would never be mean or is as sassy as other trolls!"


Nepeta hates Terezi and is jealous of…

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